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How to backup and restore your ColdFusion settings

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Author: Greg Hedgepath
Created: 7/6/2008
Modified: 7/6/2008
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The ColdFusion MX7 and ColdFusion 8 Configuration files can be located here;

All the files will have this suffix, "neo-" and the prefix "xml" : neo-*.xml
Copy those files to your VPs desktop of ftp them to your local hard drive.
These files may be used to restore your settings on any server.
To restore these files to your server stop ColdFusion Application service first.
Overwrite exiting neo xml files with your backup copies.
Now restart ColdFusion application service.
 NOTE : Data sources must be opened and saved again to enable them.

If you have made any changes to your JVM configuration that file must also be restored
from C:\cf_root\runtime\bin\jvm.config

Also be sure to backup/restore any of your custom tags as well.

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